Judeo-messianism has been spreading its poisonous message among us for nearly two thousand years. Democratic and communist universalisms are more recent, but they have only reinforced the old Jewish narrative. They are the same ideals.

The transnational, transracial, transsexual, transcultural ideals that these ideologies preach to us (beyond peoples, races, cultures) and which are the daily sustenance of our schools, in our media, in our popular culture, at our universities, and on our streets, have ended up reducing our biosymbolic identity and ethnic pride to their minimal expression.

Jewish bankers flooded Europe with Muslims and America with third-world garbage. Exile as punishment for those who preach sedition should be restored within the legal framework of the West. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are death cults originating in the Middle East and totally alien to Europe and its peoples.

One sometimes wonders why the European left gets along so well with Muslims. Why does an often overtly anti-religious movement take the side of a fierce religiosity that seems to oppose almost everything the left has always claimed to stand for? Part of the explanation lies in the fact that Islam and Marxism have a common ideological root: Judaism.

Don Rumsfeld was right when he said, "Europe has shifted on its axis," it was the wrong side that won World War II, and it is becoming clearer every day. What has NATO done to defend Europe? Absolutely nothing . . . My enemies are not in Moscow, Damascus, Tehran, Riyadh or some ethereal Teutonic boogeyman, my enemies are in Washington, Brussels and Tel Aviv.


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Dear Olga, maybe you void help me understand what this extr a long comment , extracted from an article who basically says - « go F yourself with your Jewish god » - has anything to to here , as a comment to the article I propose ? It seems extra polarizing and Full of inepties, promoting either/or, good and bad, brother and ennemies type of thinking>

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We can't afford healthcare for American children because we need to keep bombing everybody else's for the love of Jesus and Israel . . .

The recently ousted Speaker of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, who took at least a dozen votes to get elected speaker, traveled to Israel immediately upon his election, declaring to the Israeli Knesset that the USA is steadfastly committed to supporting Ukraine in their war against Russia.

It has become so painfully obvious, especially where you have someone like Nikki Haley wagging her finger and shouting down Vivek Ramaswamy in a presidential debate on live national television when the questions of this Ukrainian war against Russia and any mention of Israel are concerned, that the United States government has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Israeli Political Action Committee.


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